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  • What is a freedom-meal?
  • Where are you eating on May 5th?
  • Organiser of a 5th of May dinner.
  • Why a freedom-meal with StreetDinners?
  • The story of the freedom-meals.
  • Street Stories. What are you sharing on may 5th?
  • 5th of May StreetDinners about "playing outside"

What is a freedom-meal?
The freedom-meals are originally a part of the Liberation Festival Amsterdam and an initiative of Amsterdams 4th and 5th of May Committee. Amsterdammers have through the years been invited to share a meal together on May 5th. The meals are openly accessible and the theme of freedom is central. The idea is that people get to know each other and together celebrate to live in an open, free and diverse city. At the same time you honor the history of resistance, conflicts and freedom and cast a critical glance at the way we have organised this free city. Often through the toast for freedom that is part of every meal.

Read more about the freedom-meal on the website of Amsterdams 4 en 5 mei comité.

Where are you eating on May 5th?
Iedereen kan aanschuiven en iedereen kan een Vrijheidsmaaltijd organiseren. In 2014 vonden er Vrijheidsmaaltijden plaats op meer dan 80 locaties in Amsterdam, (oa. in het Stedelijk Museum.) StreetDinners, sinds 2013 partner van het Amsterdams 4 en 5 mei comité, faciliteert de particuliere initiatieven waarbij het straatdiner een gepaste formule is. Je kunt je aanmelden als organisator van een straatdiner, als vrijwilliger of als tafelgast. Je hoeft geen buurtbewoner te zijn om toch aan een maaltijd deel te nemen.

Organiser of a 5th of May dinner.
Informatie over organiseren staat hier. Voor de organisatoren van een 5 mei-straatdiner worden twee informatiebijeenkomsten georganiseerd. Daarnaast ontvangen de organisatoren wekelijks per e-mail een update van de bijzonderheden omtrent de organisatie van het diner.

De straatdiners die na 12 maart zijn aangemeld, raden we aan een evenement te organiseren dat aan onderstaande eisen voldoet. Een melding is dan voldoende. Informatie hierover staat Stedelijk Museum.

Why a freedom-meal with StreetDinners?
StreetDinners offer with its concept the possibility to self-organise a freedom-meal and create more lasting and meaningful relationships in your neighbourhood. As a participant of a streetdinner on this day you make your street part of the program for the Liberation Day. The freedom-theme of StreetDinners is “playing outside” and provides content to the meal. You are not part of the freedom-meals alone but with thousands of others in both Denmark and the Netherlands. This sense of belonging together across streets, neighbourhoods, cities and borders is symbolised on the evening of the 5th of May with the toast for freedom.

The story of the freedom-meals.
The freedom-meals tell a story. Either a historical one about the (war)history of your place, your street, your neighbourhood. Or just more general connected to the themes of May 5th: freedom, tolerance, democracy or opposition. The idea is that there are elements during the freedom-meal that communicates the story of freedom and/or the connected topics to the guests. That can be in the details of decoration, name of dishes, specific ingredients that were missing or dominant during times of war or something else. As an organiser of freedom-meals one is expected to consider how to highlight a chosen topic so organising a freedom-meal and even being a guest demands some commitment from the participants.

Street Stories. What are you sharing on may 5th?
The freedom-meals in StreetDinners has an overall theme of “playing outside”. The theme is a starting point for any story connected to the freedom-meals. Playing and the power of imagination, the toys of war-times or the social consequences of “being left outside” are some of the perspectives within this theme. The organiser of the dinner can choose whether and how they want to address the theme. Maybe you can set up a small museum of toys from wartime, do drawings of freedom with the children and so on. More extended options are to add speakers and music, workshops or games and traditions from war-times around the word. With such small or large initiatives you can discuss your street, your neighbour and your connection to freedom-meals and engage the guests in the meal.

If you have ideas or questions please contact our communication managers so we can help you.

5th of May StreetDinners about "playing outside"
Anyone can become isolated, deprived of all means but our imagination is personal, in playing anyone can imagine themselves as free. Playing outside is about playing in wartime. It is about the power of imagination or playing as an escape from reality; against the social annexation of an individual, a family or a group of people. The nostalgic value of the theme or it’s everlasting relevans is meant to serve as an inspiration for telling and sharing stories.

StreetDinners plays along with tips and tricks, tools or content partners for anyone who wish to connect with the theme.

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