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  • How do I organize a streetdinner?
  • How do I sign up as an organizer?
  • The website
  • The roadmap
  • Cooking together in local kitchens
  • City permission for your streetdinner

How do I organize a streetdinner?
It is very simple to organize a streetdinner. As an enthusiastic local resident you just sign up as organizer of your street on our website. The website is key to organizing the dinner with recruitment of volunteers and ticket sales. The roadmap contains further instructions.

How do I sign up as an organizer?
You sign up with your facebook account. Then write in your location and other details, register and everything should be in place. The administrators of the website will need to approve of your dinner before it appears on our map.

The website
The website is key in the organization of a streetdinner. After signing up you can add all the details of your dinner including the size (a streetdinner can be anything from 20 people and up), a description, the location and start time. This information is accessible for visitors to the website together with the rmenu. Volunteers can sign up to each of the teams, discuss internally, write the menu from the kitchen and you can write all of them. All in all - everything in one place.

The roadmap
We also have a roadmap for download through the website where you can find step by step instructions in how to organize your streetdinner. The first task is to find partners to help you; we recommend one or two neighbours or friends. By far the biggest job is to coordinate volunteers and communicating with us. You are the spider in the local web and as such the connection with the people in your street or neighbourhood. Especially in the beginning you have to knock on doors to make your neighbours enthusiastic. You recruit volunteers and guests by talking to a lot of people and that can take some time but we help you with promotion and materials. In the roadmap there is a checklist you can follow along the way.

Cooking together in local kitchens
Cooks need a place to cook so one of the team-members need to make their kitchen available. The closer to the location of the dinner the better, the food is then easier to transport. Usually a kitchen cooks for 15-20 people. That requires a fully equipped kitchen but is still very possible in a normal home.

The tasks of the team can be distributed as you like. One person can do all the groceries or it can be divided. What matters in the end is just to get all the cutting, chopping and cooking to create a nice dish while having fun.

City permission for your streetdinner
The general rule is that you need a permission for a dinner of over a 100 people or if a street needs to be closed for traffic. This permission can take 8 weeks to get depending on your location.

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