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  • About StreetDinners
  • Why StreetDinners?
  • What is a dinner for StreetDinners?

About StreetDinners
The StreetDinners Foundation is an initiative of Bite Me - Conceptual Food Lab. With StreetDinners, Bite Me wants to develop the social impact of food for our neighbourhoods and society.

The foundation is mainly interested in the way food connects people and how cooking and eating together can be an occasion to share our stories. When this connection in the neighbourhood has been experienced once, it can create the foundation for a tradition.

We work for StreetDinners as a natural part of living in and sharing a street, a city, a country...as we envision StreetDinners all over the world with access to an online gathering of Street Stories.

Why StreetDinners?
StreetDinners believe in the connecting power of cooking and eating together. This occurs spontaneously in the private sphere and with the help of StreetDinners it is extended into our public spaces. A free and tolerant city is created through an open and welcome attitude towards each other. At the smallest level this means a connected street, where neighbours treat each other positively and are not strangers. In the concept of StreetDinners not only is the meal shared but it is also created together. The organisation of a dinner is the initiative of the local neighbours who create a shared street identity by following the entire process from signing up to cooking together in each other’s kitchens and share the meal on their street.

What is a dinner for StreetDinners?
A StreetDinner is a meal that is eaten together on tables on the street or a park, a square and so on. A StreetDinner is organised by an enthusiastic resident and the meal prepared by neighbours and helpers in their kitchens. The StreetDinners organisation take care of the logistics, facilitate dinners and help to create an additional program around the food. The organiser will be guided step by step from signing up to dining together through our roadmap on the website. Our ambition is to make it as easy as possible to organise a StreetDinner.

The main responsibility is to bring together volunteers, helpers in the organisational work, neighbours who offer their kitchens or friends, who help in the kitchen or with setting up the tables. Additional we help the organiser with tips to arrange the tables and materials as flyers and poster to recruit guests and volunteers. Through the website guests can buy tickets and the proceeds from this covers the expenses for food, tables and promotion material.

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