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  • StreetDinners and the Street Stories Map.
  • Placing a Street Story on the website.

StreetDinners and the Street Stories Map.
Chronicles, tales, memories, anecdotes, a journal or a picture - we are all full of stories but it is rare to have the possibility to share these stories beyond your nearest surrounding. Most stories are lost. But imagine a map of Amsterdam, for example, where the streets instead of names have stories?

A street does not consist of the sum of the things that are present but from the different elements of the street interacting. How a street actually lives or comes to life is a result of the people who live there and what they bring. The anecdotes, stories and experiences are often not as private as we think. Neighbours recognize the street in the stories of others. Therefor StreetDinners offers a stage for these tales. With a little encouragement and guidance, if required, stories can be written down and told. In this way StreetDinners works as a map of Street Stories where people who participate in a dinner at the same time puts the story of their street on the map.

Placing a Street Story on the website.
Place a street story on our website through Instagram. Simply take a picture and write your story and use the hashtag #streetdinners and #yourlocation (for example #ams or #cph). If you have a longer story or just don't use instagram, you can send us the text, just remember to include a picture. Finally you might have the idea for a story which is not yet written. In that case please contact us and we will see what we can do!

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